The weekend...

…in which fall has finally arrived.

…in which we finally watched the royal tenenbaums.

…in which we [he] {ironically, now that summer is over and 'fall has arrived'} finally made ice cream ~ incredibly delicious brown sugar-bourbon ice cream.

…in which I finally met a few of my favorite blogger friends… alice, & michelle, & jora, & desi, & alexis {man, what a group}.

…in which I finally got to wear my wellies (justified by a 5-minute-teensy-tiny-sprinkling "storm") & my jack-o'-lantern shirt.

…in which we finally purchased the last item necessary to complete this year's halloween costumes.

{which inspired this intricate highly thought-out lego creation… [luckily he's going the total oldschool route this year (aka the 'cost-effective-minimal-materials-required-easy-to-assemble-and-exectute route')… after much deliberation, we have landed on the perfect costume. 
can you guess which of the following characters that would be?}

{...if you guessed, 'BLINKY' you'd be correct :).}


  1. Replies
    1. was going to mention it on the post- and forgot! {updated now... thank you :)}... really, really good. perfect, actually.

      only complaint is that the recipe only came out to about a pint. should've doubled. thankfully, we've still got the ingredients to make another batch :).

  2. Love those pics of your kids - gosh they are growing tall. really interested to hear about your meeting with such a lovely bevy of bloggers! Have not yet met a URl friend IRL - must be a trip!

    1. I really cannot believe how big/tall they’re getting. I clicked on an old post the other day (when hailey had just lost her 2 front teeth)… she was so little… and it really wasn’t THAT long ago!

      Meeting other bloggers really is a trip… I’m honestly still not used to it. I get nervous- as if I’m going on a blind date. But then, there’s this really weird factor mixed in… we all sort of know each other(!!)… which makes it like meeting someone totally new- yet “old” at the exact same time. (if that makes sense) I’ll be in the area, after Christmas… I’d love to meet you! Then you’ll know firsthand what I’m talking about :).

    2. You have to do a blog post about you all meeting up. I've never done a bloggy meet up so it must be surreal and scary and fun at the same time!

  3. How fun that you got to meet all the girls! Too bad I missed you by a week. That corn maze looks so fun! We don't have anything like that here.

  4. those cornfields make me feel like Im back home again!

  5. that ice cream sounds so good. i'm putting it on my list.


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