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  {i have my own "ungooglable" man happily, soundly sleeping... while i google}

I've used up ALL of my self-allotted 'computer-time' (and believe me, I'm prettttty generous in my allotment) in the past few days - SHOPPING.

... Therefore, a mini blog break must pursue.

Just a little one.

But please share- how was your weekend?? 


  1. My weekend was great. My parents came in town and I finished all my baking goodies (you can see some of them on the site today) oh and i finished moving from blogger to wordpress) -again you can see the new site as of today so I am pretty happy right now. Good for you for taking a mini break. Can;t wait to hear from you when your back! love ya lots!


  2. i understand! :) feel free to live your life!

    mine was good - got a lot of wrapping done!

  3. this is a perfect depiction of my husband! only an art portfolio online and mentions on my blog.

    i spent the weekend with an ice pack against my cheek and watching movies with jamie. no complaints about that!

    have a LOVELY blog break!

  4. I hope you shopped through Ebates!!
    Great weekend here doing all things Christmas! I hope to post about it at some point. Have a great break!

  5. Ha! That is my husband, too. He shows up quite a bit on our family blog but I promised him minimal mentions and no name on the fashion blog.

    I was sick this weekend. Boo. Tomorrow is Thankmas so I have to get out and go shopping for the food I'm making. I'm pretty excited to see my family!


  6. Overindulgence was my theme. My sister came to town and we ate and shopped and ate. Good times, but I'm tired, stuffed and in need of a little austerity this week!

  7. my weekend was all about snow, twinkle lights, christmas shopping, and watching TV.


    have fun on your little break!

    xo Alison

  8. Mini breaks are necessary every so often!!...especially at this time of year! Enjoy!!

  9. 14 year old birthday party.. scavenger hunt at the mall with 7 junior high girls.. Sunday, back to the mall to spend gift cards that said junior highers presented to birthday girl.. who, btw, can spend over an hour in Hollister to purchase exactly 2 items. After 4 hours altogether at the mall, she finally decided that she was unable to spend $10 at Claires and offered to sell me her gift card.

  10. Spent countless time on the computer comparing prices, more time in stores actually buying only to now see a new sale coming up, which means I have to return everything and buy it again at a lower price. Eeeek! But I truly can't complain. I got some "me" time and family time, the best of both worlds. Now, it's crunch time w/writing of Christmas cards! Hope you get everything done that you want and enjoy your blog break.

  11. I totally know the feeling, Torrie! Sometimes I just need to stay away from all electronics for a few days to feel sane again. Good for you for all your productive online shopping!


  12. ha ha no worries. Hope your shopping adventures were productive! I actually did a bit of shopping today (finally!)


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