A losing battle.

we've made the 'chia seed pudding' twice, and it's already a favorite, that will be on the weekly rotation  
{& it needs to sit overnight... so when you wake up all tired & groggy on a monday morning, breakfast is served :)}
For Christmas, I was gifted with Giada's newest cookbook~ Giada's Feel Good Food. Although- at this point- I've only made a few recipes, I really like it. It includes lots of lifestyle tips, a huge focus on flavor/texture/balance, small portion, high-energy, low-sugar (all-in-moderation-philosophy) foods/recipes as opposed to low-fat/sugar-free/artificial/deprivation.

This line in the introduction sums it up... 
This is not a diet book. I don't live my life on a diet; I just don't believe in them for me. They are tough to stick to and encourage a sense of deprivation or missing out, resulting in roller-coaster weight loss and gain--and the mood swings that come along with that. I'm not a yo-yo and I can't put my mind or body through that. Instead, I have adopted a balanced way of cooking, eating, and living that works for me and my family. This didn't happen overnight, or by sitting down and scribbling a bunch of rules to follow, but rather over time, by tuning in to my body and what makes me run the smoothest and tuning out what doesn't.

I'm (finally) realizing that this is the route for me. 

While I want positive results (when it comes to weight-management, house-management, etc...), I am tired trying to WIN THE BATTLE (whatever it may be), while losing myself in the process. A battle in which I am my own component... in which success is ONLY achieved at the end of each day if the house is spotlessly clean... every last drop of laundry tucked neatly away... every calorie accounted for... A battle that I fail to win. Daily.

Sustainability. Energy. Health. Gratitude. Intention. Peace. Compassion. Love. Intuition. Abundance. 

This is the place I want to begin & and end each day. Each battle.


  1. yes! such a better way to be. with limited kid-less time throughout the week, i always ask myself what is most important for me to do to be at my happiest. some days it is cleaning, most days it's painting or exercising or moving things ahead that I am passionate about. I can guarantee it's rarely folding laundry. so if that sits around for a few days, i'm ok. achieving things takes time and once you do, then there's always the next thing to achieve, so you might as well enjoy the process because it's really never ending. chia seed pudding sounds great.

    1. exactly karina. since ryan started school, the responsibilities (on my end, in terms of 'the house') increased. internal pressure began to mound. even though he has finished, the battle has existed in my mind... a daily fight to get it all done, a daily refusal/unwillingness/inability (on my part) to do so, and a daily sense of frustration in that 'refusal'. it is absolutely amazing how much more can be accomplished with a whole new approach.


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