Weekend remnants.

Trying to spend our weekends doing more of what we love.

Now, to figure out how to do that on the weekdays.


  1. Oh yeah. resting it on the driving around and just having time to look forward to dinner. Or spend a couple of hours in bed with the new Bridget Jones novel (I'm so so lowbrow)

    1. Oh, I LOVE those books. They added a brightness to my days as an overwhelmed young/newly-married (working-full-time) mother.

      I want to get the third! Heard it was a big disappointment to some (with the shocking twist)…

  2. oh yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah! I am giddy that you are back my friend. Boy have I missed you and we have so much to catch up on.

  3. I second the comments about you blogging again, it's nice to read your posts. Have you heard the quote, "we don't remember days, we remember moments"? Maybe focus on filling a few moments each day with the things you love doing. Less pressure, right? Also someone told me that they write down the moments from each day that they loved in a journal at night. Another good way to acknowledge and focus and remember the good in our lives. I may give both of these a try too. xo

  4. yes... it is so simple, but so very true, right?? thank you for reminding me. it is less pressure~ and so important to remember when there are so many "have-to's" on our schedules (individually & collectively). & i love the journal idea. writing posts helps me in this way. after each break i take, i'm realizing this more... & more.


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