Twelve recipes.

“Rare is the cookbook that acknowledges the simple truth that there aren’t really all that many recipes in the world. There is just technique, and practice, and joy and love, and at the end of it something simple and delicious on the plate, something that the reader may not have considered making before cracking the spine of the book."

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I got this for us (all four of us) for Christmas. We cracked it open to chapter 2 last night~ "EGGS", to see if he included a hard boiled egg refresher, as each chef usually has their own spin. It did, & he did. The peels came off so easily this morning... easier than I've ever experienced (& the eggs were very fresh- straight from the coop!). 

This book is exactly what our family needs this year. For reasons far beyond easy-to-peel eggs. But that alone...


  1. I want this book SO BAD! And I could have used some hard boiled egg tips 2 days ago when I was hunched over the trashed mangling my eggs! None of the tips to make them easier to peel have worked for me! Do tell :D

  2. I cant believe I found this just now for Clash of Clans: Strongest clans get gems from here! (BgSsj)


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